EXCEL SPILL saves both time and dollars

and other solutions that originates from needs and requests

Utbildningsmaterial, från grunder till bortom avancerade Excel-kunskaper. Dokumentationen är under fortlöpande utveckling allteftersom tillkommande funktioner eller allmängiltiga användarfrågor läggs till.

Testa och utöka dina kunskaper i Excel och Outlook 365

SUM can do subcalculations before performing the final summary.

=SUM(B:B*C:C) results in the sum of b1*c1 + b2*c2 + b3*c3 etc

When the identity is unique onloy when combining multiple values, xlookup can help you without a helper column.

Excels new capability to "spill", or technically called Dynamic Arrays, may be the best new functionality ever. And Microsoft mentions versions that cannot spill as PDA - pre dynamic arrays.

Split CSV-data into columns.

Optionally, choose delimiter, string if blank and columns to return.

Setup is similar to TEXTJOIN.

With the 365 function LAMBDA, distributed in early 2022, you can build your own functions without using macros.

Now, it can be all done on the worksheet.

Copy and paste to another worksheet to keep using the function!

If data not repeats itself when it is same as previous row, it is better to fill down before making calculations like pivot tables.

This example shows how it can be done using spill functionality and also put the calculation into a customized lambda-function, ready to copy and paste.

Receiving data with non numerical characters blocking Excel from doing calculations?

With KEEP, you can define to keep only 0123456789 and thus purge all others. You chose the characters to keep or purge.

Use empty string to differ between strings and numbers

Datum i Excel är ett tal - antalet dagar sedan en viss nollpunkt - och kan visas på en mängd olika sätt.

A macro solution that lists all linked files and opens them with a macro button

Datum som kommer från andra system är ofta text och i fel format och måste konverteras till Excel-datum innan de kan användas

IP-nummer är inte numeriska och "19" kommer som text före "2". Genom att göra om dem till treställiga tal så kommer "002" före "019".

Split strings into ASCII code and gain control over cleansing activities.

Only digits allowed? Only upper case?

Here's a calculated way to do it.