If you have data that appears all in one column, CSV.SPLIT* can help you split comma separated values into separate columns.

This is function is local in a specific workbook, using the function LAMBDA. Copy a cell using the function and paste it in another workbook, and it follows.

Opposite to joining text strings but the syntax is setup similarly;

TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, strings)

CSV.SPLIT(delimiter, if_empty, string_anchor, chose_columns). Only the anchor is mandatory.

*As of April 2022, Microsoft has began distributing a new function that pretty much handles the same matter;


When standard functions are available, preferrably use them instead of own solutions.

It could below be used as O2=TEXTSPLIT(A2:A10, ",")

  • splitCSV (by lambda)

  • CSV.SPLIT (by lambda)